Food is one of those things that instantly makes people happy. Food is the cure to all of our issues, whether you're coping with stress or anything that's upsetting you. Food, in my opinion, is capable of curing all of my issues.

Food makes the time unforgettable and has an impact on people's emotions, whether we are gorging with our friends or family or celebrating a special occasion.

However, most Jain people avoid or refuse to consume onion and garlic, and some people also refuse to eat potatoes and other root vegetables.

Some individuals can eat without onion and garlic, but we, the younger generation, find it difficult because anything prepared with onion and garlic tastes different. We require a spicy flavor in our diet. We rarely come across food that is both mouthwatering and wonderful without the addition of onion and garlic.

Some people find it difficult to prepare delectable dishes without onion and garlic.

Guys, let's get started! Don't worry, we have a solution for you. I'm offering you hundreds of onion and garlic-free dishes that will not only be wonderful to eat, but will also brighten and lighten up your day. After all, a delicious dinner brightens everyone's day.

So, without further ado, click on the link below to access the most eagerly expected recipes.




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